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Dungeons & Dragons

Join the Good Game Family's DND team, where adventure awaits! Embark on epic quests, forge lasting alliances, and immerse yourself in a world of imagination. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a novice eager to learn, our diverse and welcoming group is ready to embrace new members. Unleash your creativity, strategize in battles, and become part of a community that values camaraderie. Join us on a journey where every roll of the dice brings new possibilities. Your next great adventure begins here!

Meet Our Dungeon Master: Megafan7790

I'm a passionate gamer with a deep love for the digital realm. Dark Souls holds a special place in my heart among video game series, while "Digimon World 3" stands out as my all-time favorite. Beyond gaming, I indulge in diverse hobbies such as reading, anime-watching, and the intricate art of origami.

My journey into the world of Dungeon Mastering began in 2014, but it was only in 2018, at a local game store's Adventure League, that I took on the mantle. As a Game Master, I bring a laid-back vibe to the table, emphasizing the importance of fun as the core element in any game. I'm a firm believer in the "Rule of Cool" and often welcome Homebrew content as long as it aligns with my standards.

Though my players often dub me a "great" GM, I maintain a sense of modesty. I harbor a preference for cats over dogs, a choice influenced by a memorable incident with a rabid dog during my youth. My interests extend to collecting cards, action figures, and Lego, and I'm proud owner of two Minecraft Servers.

Specializing in High Fantasy games reminiscent of Final Fantasy or Elden Ring, I enjoy experimenting with new game systems. My repertoire includes not only Dungeons & Dragons but also unique crossovers like D&D + FFXIV, "Bunkers and Badasses," Call of Cthulhu, Essence 20 systems (Power Rangers/Transformers/G.I. Joe), and Dark Souls the Board Game.

Feel free to inquire about additional details, and my pronouns are "Her/She." Let the adventure begin!

Meet Our Dungeon Master Trainee: Will

Will is a passionate gamer with a love for RPGs and turn-based games dating back to childhood. Although relatively new to the world of Table Tops and the role of Dungeon Master, Will is eager to learn and grow in this role, considering himself an intern for now. With experience in a wide range of RPGs, MMORPGs, and JRPGs, Will's expertise lies in creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences.

Beyond gaming, Will is a self-described geek of both sci-fi and fantasy genres. From Star Trek to Star Wars, Stargate to Pokemon, and a plethora of shows involving magic, ghosts, and demons, Will can discuss and appreciate the intricacies of various fictional universes. Additionally, Will enjoys unique card and board games such as Fluxx and Stratego, often demonstrating a quick grasp and skill in these games.

In his interactions with others, Will holds an open-minded and non-judgmental perspective. Believing that everyone has the potential to be a friend unless proven otherwise, he strives to foster positive connections. Furthermore, Will values and actively listens to others' concerns, ensuring that their perspectives are heard and respected.

Overall, Will's combination of gaming expertise, geeky interests, and inclusive attitude make him a valuable asset to any gaming community or tabletop group. With an enthusiasm for creating memorable adventures and a willingness to continuously learn and improve, Will is poised to excel in his role as a Dungeon Master and contribute positively to the gaming community.


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