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Good Game Family Blogger

Lavalite dove into the Good Game Family scene during Diablo 4's debut season. Raised in the Philippines and now living down under in Australia, she's not just a gamer but also a calisthenics athlete, rescue diver, drummer, guitarist, and wanderer. Her travel checklist isn't about landmarks; it's all about hunting down scrumptious eats, drinks, and sea creatures on her scuba adventures across places like Maldives, Fiji, Indonesia, and more.

Lavalite follows 3 simple rules when it comes to food: it's got to be clean, not make her sick, and not cause animal suffering. Foie gras is a hard pass for her. Despite her love for authentic eats, she doesn't shy away from "cheat" versions. According to her, they're vital for pushing gastronomy boundaries, making meals more convenient, and spicing up that protein intake. And that's the backstory to why she's running a food blog – to justify this delightful mix of passions!

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