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We are proud to announce our partnership with GPORTAL, a leading provider of game server hosting solutions. Through this collaboration, our community members gain access to high-quality servers, ensuring seamless gameplay experiences across a variety of titles. As part of this partnership, we're excited to offer a special discount: use our referral link to receive 10% off on GPORTAL servers while supporting Good Game Family with every purchase. Join us in elevating your gaming experience and take advantage of this exclusive offer today!

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GENUN Games is an independent game development studio known for their innovative and immersive gaming experiences. Their latest creation, Ascent: Rivals, is a groundbreaking racing game that features dual engine, twin-stick controls for nuanced handling at blistering speeds. Players will experience high-stakes competition with tactical passing, intense dogfighting maneuvers, and thrilling races. Through our partnership, Good Game Family is excited to support GENUN Games by participating in alpha and beta testing, hosting tournaments, and offering exclusive game key giveaways to our community. This collaboration aims to bring the exhilarating world of Ascent: Rivals to our passionate and dedicated gamers.


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At Good Game Family, we believe in the strength of collaboration and the endless possibilities that partnerships can unlock. Join us on our mission to create an unparalleled gaming community, and be a vital part of an ever-expanding network. As a partner, you'll not only amplify your brand but also engage with a dynamic and passionate audience of gamers.

Why Partner with Good Game Family?

1. Diverse Community: Connect with a vibrant and diverse community of gamers who are eager to explore new content, products, and experiences.

2. Engagement Opportunities: Leverage our platform for interactive events, exclusive promotions, and direct engagement with an enthusiastic audience.

3. Exposure: Boost your visibility within the gaming community through dedicated promotion on our Discord server, social media channels, and website.

4. Collaboration Possibilities: Explore collaborative projects, co-branded events, and cross-promotions to enhance both our brands.

5. Supportive Environment: Become a part of a supportive ecosystem where partners are valued and their contributions celebrated.

Ready to Join? 

Embark on this exciting journey with us! If you're passionate about gaming and ready to elevate your brand, we invite you to become a partner with the Good Game Family. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of collaboration.

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