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Good Game Family Staff Member

Rogue, a dedicated member of the Good Game Family Staff, is not just a gamer; he's a proud dad to an incredible 9-year-old daughter and the lucky husband of an equally fantastic gamer wife. With a gaming journey that dates back to the early '90s, Rogue is a true veteran of the gaming world.

His passion extends beyond the digital realm, as he collects classic consoles and has an impressive assortment of all things PlayStation. Outside the gaming world, Rogue is a fitness enthusiast, splitting his time between the gym and quality moments at home with his cherished family.

When not immersed in gaming adventures, Rogue and his wife share a love for anime and manga, with a special affinity for the epic Berserk Manga. Together, they create lasting memories by engaging in thrilling gaming sessions and enjoying the spine-chilling excitement of horror movies. Rogue's life is a blend of nostalgia, family, and the thrilling worlds of both gaming and entertainment.

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