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The Best Ramen I Had in Japan

My most memorable ramen experience in Japan undoubtedly came from Ichiran in Shibuya, Tokyo. This was perhaps the sole restaurant where I willingly waited in line for more than 30 minutes, as they don't accept reservations. However, I can confidently say that the wait was absolutely justified. The ramen not only boasted an incredible taste but was also surprisingly budget-friendly.

Once you enter the resto, you'll see a vending machine you can use to purchase a ticket for the kind of ramen you'd like. You can select your preferred broth, adjust the spice level, and curate a perfect combination of ingredients, including meat choices and noodle type, texture, and firmness. The options are in Japanese, but not to worry--if you don't know your Kanji, you can ask for a sheet of paper with tick boxes that have English translations.

Once a spot becomes available, the staff will guide you to your booth, and you have the option to choose between a solo or double setup. Positioned in front of the cooking station, the wooden compartment opens up when your ramen is ready. You can press a button that allows you to signal the chef if you decide you want more broth, noodles, or any specific ingredient. It's a handy touch that adds a bit of interactivity to the experience.

I thought this place was just hyped up before I ate here, but honestly, the ramen was amazing! I chose the tonkotsu broth which is extracted from 100% pork bones. I'm usually unable to finish the noodles whenever I eat ramen (especially with the serving size they have in Japan), but this time, i devoured absolutely everything. It was that good! This was definitely one of my favourite experiences here.

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Mar 10

Wow great article! I recently got into ramen.. I cant wait to explore more authentic flavors!!

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