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Here's a recipe for my second favourite Japanese rice bowls (after kaisen don).


  • 500g thinly sliced beef (serves 2-3)

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 tsp hondashi

  • 3 tbsp sugar

  • 1/2 cup sake

  • 1/2 cup mirin

  • 1 cup soy sauce

  • 2 tbsp freshly grated ginger

  • 1 large onion

  • eggs

  • rice

  • spring onions/leek


  1. Slice your onions into thin strips.

  2. Skip this step if you were able to buy thinly sliced beef. If you're in the same boat as I was, take a regular piece of steak and freeze it, allow it to thaw a bit, and then slice it into thin pieces. If your have superb knife skills and can slice it thinly without freezing it, go do that.

  3. Add onions, water, hondashi, freshly grated ginger, soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar into a pan and let it simmer until the sugar dissolves.

  4. Add your onions and ginger and let it simmer for 5 more minutes to soften the onions.

  5. Add your thinly sliced beef and cook until no longer raw. Make sure not to overcook it!

  6. Serve on top of rice, top with a poached egg (I used soy-marinated eggs because I was lazy lol), and garnish with spring onions/leek.

  7. Enjoy!

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